Talk Salty to Me

January 18, 2022


Salt rooms have been historically used for hundreds of years. Centuries ago, some European Monks noticed that treating their respiratory patients in the natural salt caves was making them better. Those smart Monks started rubbing salt stones together and having their patients breathe them in. Fast forward a bit, and Europe began to realize that its salt miners were far healthier than their coal miners! These salt rooms were known as ‘passive’ or Speleotherapy, as they don’t use any machine to get the salt particles around. It is all gravity and pressure! Now, a few hundred years later, we’ve created beautiful, comfy, therapeutic salt caves of our own.

Using a Halogenerator (machine that grinds up salt particles in its purest form and delivers to the sealed room) and salt bricks, we’ve recreated an ‘active’ version of the natural salt caves littered around Europe. This is called Halotherapy!

Let’s get a little salty, shall we?

The salt that is used in the halogenerator is salt in its purest form (NaCl). This pharmaceutical grade salt is a naturally occurring mineral with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties!  When inhaled, the salt works as a toothbrush of sorts for you r lungs. The larger particles sit higher up in the respiratory track while the smaller ones sink into the deeper parts of your lungs. The salt ‘scrubs’ away mucus, absorbs bacteria and moisture, and generally cleans the system out.  Salt is also AMAZING for your skin! It helps eczema, psoriasis, acne, and even with recovery from cosmetic surgeries! This happens because the salt increases the cellular turnover rate and repairs the skin, stimulates new cellular growth and microcirculation in the skin.This all sounds super geeky and really can fly over the head. The main thing to know is that Salt Therapy works. There have been dozens of scientific papers and research articles written around the benefits of Halotherapy and EVERYONE can enjoy it! That’s right, moms! You can bring your kiddo to a salt room treatment with you!!  From respiratory issues and skin conditions to detoxification, athletic performance and general wellness, Salt Therapy can help so many people.Call the spa or go to our website and we will introduce you to Halotherapy! Let’s get salted!

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