Cleansing Mind, Body and Spirit

January 18, 2022


The need to detox comes in many forms... At times, we need to cleanse ourselves from technology, people or even just pet hair that builds up in the living room; then of course, the need to cleanse our skin and body! Flushing out toxicity has a magical way of lifting our spirits and promoting a deep level of serenity and peace of mind.

Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system in our bodies is the powerhouse for cellular detoxification. Through our circulatory system, the body’s lymphatic system processes cellular waste, proteins, excess fluids, viruses, and bacteria.  Most facials include a certain amount of face, décolletage and scalp massage. Not only does this send us into deep relaxation but it also helps to promote lymphatic drainage–in other words, it gets rid of toxins and reduces fluid retention. Bye, bye, puffy eyes! By flushing out these toxins we also promote circulation, which leaves skin glowing and youthful.

Deep Cleansing

Everyone needs a good cleanser to dig a little deeper- oily skin, blemished skin, and even dry, sensitive skin. We could all afford to cleanse our skin for longer at a time, and more effectively with products that are truly intended for individual skin concerns.  Deep-cleansing facials make up for our lazy ways and will thoroughly remove dirt and oil build-up without drying the skin. Proper cleansing means your pores will be refined and your complexion will look and feel properly rejuvenated.

High Tech Treatments

Many facials provide high tech treatments that can only be performed in a spa. For instance, Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment that is used to strengthen the skin, reduce redness, kill bacteria and stimulate collagen production among many other perks. This high-tech treatment includes using a diamond tip wand to deeply exfoliate, and when used in a series, can be a powerful anti-aging tool.

Alleviate Stress

Life is busy-hectic even. Most of us don’t take nearly enough time out for ourselves to do something that will alleviate stress and help us regain balance and a sweet relief from the toxicity of daily life. Spending an hour in a peaceful, relaxing environment can help restore balance to your mind, as well as your skin.

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