Say No! to Banana Boat

June 23, 2017


When you Google Banana Boat Sunscreen, you'll see 3 top stories shouting warnings, burns, and top 14 most dangerous sunscreens for kids. Seriously! Yikes. With so many sunscreens out there it's hard to know what works. We're here to help a little with the process of elimination. Here are some tips for finding a good sunscreen...Don't fall for the high spf trap-higher spf than 50+ will trick you into thinking you can stay in the sun longer than you should. Stick to spf's between 15 and 50+and reapply often. Even un-burned skin can be damaged!!

Avoid the sunscreen containing Vitamin A. This sounds odd as our bodies LOVE vitamin A filled veggies. But our skin? Not so much. Vit A is also called Retinyl Palimate or retinol. These ingredients have been shown to speed up the development of tumors and lesions, and is in 14% of all reviewed sunscreens in 2017. Yikes! Avoid these, check the ingredients on the labels! Instead, look for products with Zinc Oxide, 3% Avobenzone or Mexoryl SX. These are the best shields from UVA rays. Don't spray. I get it, the sprays are so easy it's ridiculous and not having greasy hands from the lotion is awesome- but not as awesome as having long term healthy skin or not contracting skin cancer. Skin cancer isn't so awesome. Spray sunscreen doesn't provide thorough coverage and you're inhaling stuff that may not be safe.It's hard finding a good sunscreen. Do a little research for the top rated and cross reference, it is so worth it! If you want instant gratification without the process of looking (especially you busy moms), swing by the spa and we will personally help you find the perfect sunscreen that can be used for the whole family right on our shelves! Don't wait, and remember, white is the new tan!

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