About Waterside Day Spa

Our Philosophy

Beauty shines from within. When we take care of our body, the mind and soul benefit as well which allows inner beauty to shine. By creating personalized skin care plans, utilizing superior aesthetic products and educating on nutrition and total body wellness - we empower our clients so that they can feel good in their own skin.

Our goal is to create a cheerful, charming, and uplifting space for our clients to feel their best. Waterside Day Spa is designed for everyone to enjoy wellness therapy in a cozy and comfortable environment. 

At Waterside, we offer services with a focus on holistic wellness which means that treatments are personalized in the details, while taking the full body into consideration when developing our services.

The Space

Waterside Day Spa embodies the cheerful and charming experience of downtown Steamboat Springs.

From the moment you are able to park with ease alongside the Yampa River, and walk through the doors of our red brick building, we hope that you have that moment of "ahhh, it's good to be here" and in these moment we share together, you are able to tune out the worries of everyday life and simply enjoy yourself.

Weather you have chosen to join us in the spa for restorative skin care and body treatments, or in the salon for upbeat hair styling and nail care, our providers will look forward to meeting you and welcoming you back into our space, time after time. We are home to the first and only Halotherapy Salt Suite in Steamboat Springs and love to share this with out guests whenever possible. Covered in 750 lbs of beautiful pink and white himalayan salt, our Salt Room provides a sanctuary to relax in a beautiful and cozy atmosphere.

Our space is also equipped with HEPA air filtration used year round, and we especially enjoy opening all the doors and windows to let in that beautiful fresh Colorado breeze when the weather allows.

Thank you for supporting small businesses!