Massage for Dummies

January 18, 2022


There is a first time for everything. Riding a bike, first kiss, paying bills. Like everything you have never tried before, it can be nerve wracking! That doesn’t exclude massages, and if

you have never had one before you might have some questions. I am going to answer the most commonly asked!

What happens when I book a massage?

First, we take your name, phone number and a credit card. Don’t stress, we won’t charge you anything at the time of booking! The reason we take a card is because we honor a 24/hr cancellation policy. If you are a new client, we will have a couple pieces of information for you to fill out about your current health and contact information, so we advise getting to the Spa just 5 minutes early!

When I come to my appointment, what should I expect?

When you get in, you’ll be warmly greeted by front staff and made comfortable in a softly lit relaxation room with water or hot tea. You’ll be asked if you need to use our amenities before your treatment, and if not, you will relax and wait for your therapist to get you from the room. Once you’re in the massage room, you’ll see a bed and a robe. The therapist will leave you to get in the bed and under the blankets, and it is up to you to go in undergarments or birthday suit. Most wear just underwear, to expose the whole back to the treatment and still stay comfortable. Your therapist will always fold the blanket where needed to never expose private areas. Then you simply enjoy!

What if my feet stink?

Don’t worry about it. Our massage therapists are equipped to handle anything and stinky feet is nothing to stress about, especially when you’re there to relax! Most often, lotions and aromatherapy is used in massages, so that is all you will smell. You can always enhance your massage with a softening hand and foot treatment with one of our scrubs to ease your mind if that is something you worry about (or simply because it feels AH-mazing)!

What if I fall asleep during my massage?

That’s fine! Your body is still benefiting from the treatment. Let go of your everyday worries and just escape when on the table. If you are nervous and need to talk to make yourself more comfortable, go right ahead. If not, we encourage you to really push your day and thoughts away to fully benefit from your massage.Whether you’re a brand-new massage receiver, used to one therapist, or a frequent flyer, we will make you feel the most comfortable you can possibly be. Call us or book online at our website to experience a unique massage designed to fit your needs.

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