Steamboat Springs' Only Salt Therapy Suite
aka Halotherapy

How it Works

Our salt room offers a holistic respiratory detox.

All you need to do is relax and breathe for your body will benefit from the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of pure salt. Sink into one of our four plush chairs and just breathe. Micro-crystal of therapeutic grade salt are dispersed into the luxurious atmosphere with a machine called a halogenerator. While you relax and breathe deeply, your body receives a bounty of natural and holistic skin and lung benefits. The salt works like a sponge - absorbing toxicity and mucus in the lungs so that your body can expel it. Halotherapy can also reduce bacteria and inflammation of the skin. 

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Salt Therapy Benefits

There is a wide variety of salt room benefits. Very popular in Europe and Russia, salt rooms can provide relief for many common ailments such as asthma, sinus pressure, colds, flus, bronchitis, COPD, eczema and psoriasis.

Halotherapy has also been proven to increase lung capacity for athletes, by reducing build up in the lungs so the body can deliver more oxygen to every cell in the body. Salt room therapy is a great allergy season cure or for those who suffer from respiratory conditions such as hay fever, seasonal allergies, or asthma.

If you are visiting Steamboat from a lower elevation you may be experiencing some symptoms of altitude sickness - since there is less oxygen at higher altitudes, salt therapy can help your body absorb oxygen better and breathe easier in the Rocky Mountains.

Once guests understand the benefits of salt room therapy then they usually end up searching “salt room near me” once back home and on future vacations.

All Ages Welcome

Our salt room is FREE for kids 12 and under who visit with an adult!

Our multipurpose halotherapy salt room is safe for all ages! The salt cave is a great experience for the whole family! The salty air will clear toxins out of your body and increase your energy! (Maybe more energy isn't necessarily what the kiddos need, but all adults could certainly benefit from a boost in this category!)

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Salt  Room Guest Experiences

“I can BREATHE . I visited the Salt Room at this spa three times over the first 4 days after I had caught a cold from traveling. Instead of the usual 7-10 days before it normally switches to two weeks or more of bronchitis, I never felt terrible and was well by day six. And it was very relaxing to sit and breathe.”
-Trip Advisor User

“Relaxation in the salt room. We reserved the salt room for our family for an hour over the hectic holidays. It was very relaxing for everyone. We will definitely be back.”

” My mom and I signed up for a 45 session in the salt room. We heard from a friend that her bronchitis was cured from a visit. I had a nasty cold and we decided to give it a try.   It was a very relaxing time, low lighting, soft music and very comfy chairs.  Overall I like it. I could feel the fine salt air when I breathed deep, and actually feel like I’m able to breathe deeper now that I’m out of the room. Well definitely try it again! ”

"I’ve heard about salt rooms but I’ve never tried them so I figured why not…best decision ever!! I’ve never felt so relaxed."

"Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to an amazing experience at this spa! A family member and myself treated ourselves to a relaxing 45 minutes halotherapy session this past weekend. We were cheerfully greeted and then explained how the treatment worked. Neither of us had experienced a Salt Room or halotherapy before and both left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Also- the salt room is BEAUTIFUL!! Would highly recommend to all!"

"I have a 3 and 5 year old that I bring consistently. My 5 year old has induced asthma and after a few treatments I haven’t had to use her inhaler once! Anytime they have a cold, or I am feeling a little stuffy we come here and it’s been an amazing addition to our health regimen for my little family."

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Salt Room Pricing

Single Halotherapy Session
45 minutes, $40

Halotherapy Session for 2
45 minutes, $70

Halotherapy Session for 3
45 minutes, $90

Halotherapy Session for 4
45 minutes, $100

Children (12 and Under)
Free with Adult Admission

Salt Room Daily Access Pass
Weekly or Monthly Pass $75/150

Salt Room Punch Cards
5 or 10 Punch Cards $150/225

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