Say No! to Banana Boat

When you Google Banana Boat Sunscreen, you’ll see 3 top stories shouting warnings, burns, and top 14 most dangerous sunscreens for kids. Seriously! Yikes. With so many sunscreens out there it’s hard to know what works. We’re here to help a little with the process of elimination. Here are some tips for finding a good sunscreen…Don’t fall for the high spf trap-higher spf than 50+ will trick you into thinking you can stay in the sun longer than you should. Stick to spf’s between 15 and 50+and reapply often. Even un-burned skin can be damaged!! 

Avoid the sunscreen containing Vitamin A. This sounds odd as our bodies LOVE vitamin A filled veggies. But our skin? Not so much. Vit A is also called Retinyl Palimate or retinol. These ingredients have been shown to speed up the development of tumors and lesions, and is in 14% of all reviewed sunscreens in 2017. Yikes! Avoid these, check the ingredients on the labels! Instead, look for products with Zinc Oxide, 3% Avobenzone or Mexoryl SX. These are the best shields from UVA rays. Don’t spray. I get it, the sprays are so easy it’s ridiculous and not having greasy hands from the lotion is awesome- but not as awesome as having long term healthy skin or not contracting skin cancer. Skin cancer isn’t so awesome. Spray sunscreen doesn’t provide thorough coverage and you’re inhaling stuff that may not be safe

Lash Extension Scoop!

Lashes long, lashes small
Lashes grow and lashes fall
Pop your peepers with a beautified look
Don’t be silly, call Waterside to book!

We all want beautiful, long, full lashes like the people in the magazines. We try serums and mascaras that swear they’ll provide! Then they don’t, we get frustrated, and it’s a vicious (and expensive) cycle. Here at Waterside, our Lash Doctor (Gretchen) will fulfill your w-EYE-ldest dreams!
If you have never gotten lashes done before, it’s always nice to have the process explained a bit. Allow us!
When you initially book your appointment, a consultation is super helpful. This allows the lash master to take a look at your lashes and see what the best course of action will be, and to discuss if you want to play up your natural look or really go for the glam effect! After your consultation, we will hand you a sheet of paper going over details to get the best results possible.

Avoiding waterproof mascara for 2 or 3 days before your appointment (the adhesive doesn’t bond well with the film left from waterproof mascara), removing contact lenses during the application, and arriving with dry, clean lashes are all things that are super helpful before your appointment. When you arrive, you will lie on the table and Gretchen will clean your lids and lash line with our lash savvy gentle cleanser. It’s oil free, which is HUGE as the adhesive breaks down from oils- so remember this when you go to clean your make-up off at the end of the day. Luckily, you can buy our oil free make-up cleanser right here at the spa! After the cleaning, you will get your bottom lashes taped down. This feels a little funky, and people who have received lash extensions before are surprised by our attentiveness to this detail, but let me assure you- you don’t want your upper lashes/lid glued to your bottoms. That may be a bit uncomfortable. Once the pads are under your eyes and all taped down, you simply close those excited lids and relax. At this point, our skilled aesthetician applies INDIVIDUAL lashes mixed up with your natural ones. A serum is applied that boosts you’re the growth of your natural lashes (yes it works and yes we have it at the spa) and sends you on your happy way.
Once they’re on, it’s like every other awesome thing; it requires some maintenance. Come back for some chit-chat and get a fill every month, brush them out daily, cleanse your make-up with oil free cleanser, don’t let water hit them straight on and avoid heat from ovens or close up flames too consistently.
Come see us at the spa and we will get you the lashes of your dreams.

Vitamin C is the Bees Knees!

We all have heard how important Vitamin C is for our body, but how often do you hear about how amazing it is for our skin-particularly our faces? Not often! Allow us to let you in on the buzz.

In the skin care world, there are so many different cremes and ‘fix-all’s’ when it comes to our faces. Often times, those so-called cures cause more harm than good. Why not try something that is already natural? Vitamin C serums are simply an oil and water based formula with high concentrated amounts of Vitamin C. Because of the high concentrate, we are able to get the most out of it. You don’t need to get those silly stress pimples worrying about how your skin is going to react to the serum; because it won’t react! They are formulated to be gentle enough for any skin type and everyday use.

Let’s talk magic. What exactly is Vitamin C going to help? I mean, duh, it’s good for my body and we know that from our grandmothers grandmothers saying so, but really, what is it doing? The answer is simple; A LOT! If you have fine lines and wrinkles, Vit C will help your skin produce more collagen; therefore, helping your skin naturally fill in those lines. It is also and antioxidant, which means it helps your skin naturally strengthen and repel things that could damage it, IE UVA and UVB rays from that beautiful, HOT star of ours. This doesn’t mean to skip the sunscreen!! This is not an alternative to sunscreen, but when combined with your normal sunscreen application, it does wonders for the skin.

Under eye circles, natural healing, skin discoloration and hydrated youthful looking skin are all extra benefits of Vitamin C so why wait? Pick up a bottle of our Glo Therapeutics Vit C serum at the spa and let it do some work for you!

“Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment, Not a Miracle” -Erno Laszio

Beautiful skin is like everything else that we take care of – it takes steps and some calculated effort. Before you can start caring for your skin property, it’s important to establish a regimen for your unique needs! First step- figure out your skin type. With the help of Glo professionals, we can find your skin type for you!

What Is My Skin Type?

  • Oily skin is shiny from morning to night. Overactive glands result in oil production all day long; making skin congested and giving the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Combination skin is both oily and dry. Oil is typically found in the t-zone and appears midday to end of day while other areas of the skin, like the cheeks, may have dry, flaky patches.
  • Dry skin has little or no oil production, so in turn, is dehydrated and lacks moisture. Symptoms include tightness, flaking and a dull complexion.
  • Sensitive skin can be oily or dry. Some may even think that they are sensitive when they are not because it can be a seasonal problem as well. Typically, those with sensitive skin suffer from redness or breakouts.

So, now that you have figured out your skin type, where do you start from there? Well, every skin regime has a way of utilizing products to attain the best result.

  • Pre-Cleanse– This washes away make-up, leaving skin ready to benefit from what follows.
  • Cleanse– After the pre-cleanse, use a cleanser specific to your skin type to fully remove debris from the day and jump start the nourishing process.
  • Tone– Apply the toner after cleansing to hydrate your skin, balance the pH levels, and prepare the skin to lock in your moisturizer and serum.
  • Moisturize– Replenish skin’s moisture and seal in hydration with your personalized moisturizer or serum. We love SERUMS because they are smaller molecules than a moisturizer so they penetrate deeper into the dermis and in turn, work faster to deliver results!
  • Protect– SPF is so important and so under-rated!! This step saves your skin and saves your wallet by protecting delicate skin from skin sun damage that will require more work later on in life. Don’t forget this! We sell amazing Primers with SPF and foundations with SPF as well.
  • Add ons: Exfoliate & Mask– Done 1-3 times a week, exfoliating is so beneficial to your skin. Use a chemical or physical exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells after cleansing, and you can follow with a mask that fits your skin regime!!!

Our experts at Waterside would be happy to help you determine what your unique skin care needs are! Just stop by for a free consultation!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 14th which means it’s time to show appreciation to your mama and all that she has done for you throughout the years! Whether she admits it or not, today is her favorite holiday…  Mother’s all celebrate in the greatest (and never easy) accomplishments of raising sweet children and loving them to pieces!

Breakfast in bed, fresh flowers from the meadow, or a simple hand made card are some of the sweet ways to say “I love you.”  At the spa, we have little gifts and spa treatments to indulge in. Our spa concierge would be delighted to help prepare a gift that is custom tailored to what ever it is that your mom enjoys or pick from one of our spa packages below.

Wedding Destination: Bella Vista Estate. A dreamy seven acre property that provides group lodging, year-round special events, and pure magic just minutes outside of Steamboat Springs.

We love hosting large groups at Waterside! The spa features four massage and facial treatment rooms, a private pedicure room for two, spray tanning, and a relaxation space for everyone to celebrate together. Hair and makeup is done in the salon, with plenty of natural light and very skilled talent. We can also travel to your destination to do hair and makeup on site. Our team uses natural and cruelty free mineral makeup from Glo Minerals to create a natural or dramatic look.

Take a peek at our special event stylist’s portfolio: Hair by Stephh.

Questions? Please contact us!