Enchanting Eyes

Waterside Day Spa specializes in Enchanting Eyes! 

Brought to you by #SteamboatLashes

Natural Lash Extensions

A lash-to-lash application technique enhances the quantity and volume of your natural lashes. Our lash expert can emulate a natural look or play up your peepers to create a more dramatic and glamorous effect! The lash bond is water resistant, hypoallergenic and made with a soft, high quality synthetic fiber.   *It’s recommended that if you are getting lashes for the first time that you schedule a 15 minute consultation with our esthetician so she can do a “patch test” (a couple days prior to your full appointment). 

Full Lash Application complete with a take-along kit for home care – 2.5 hours – $300

Lash Fills – 60 or 90 minutes – $90/135

The 60 minute fills are only available if you have been in to Waterside Day Spa within the last 2/3 weeks. If it’s your first time at this location or it has been longer than three weeks, please reserve 90 minutes (or consider booking a full application) to ensure that your lashes look their best! 

See a full portfolio of our artist’s work HERE… https://www.instagram.com/steamboatlashes/ 

If Lash Extensions aren’t your thing… we have other options to play of those peepers!

Lash Lift – Keratin based lash perm that adds curl and definition for your eyes and lasts for up to 6 weeks – $95 first time, $75 maintenance

Lash or Brow Tinting – A vegetable and glycerine based dye adheres to the natural lashes and emulates the look of wearing mascara for your lashes or fuller, thicker brows. Lasts 3-4 weeks. $40 each

Brow Shaping – wax and tweeze those beautiful brows $20. Remember, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins – so they will never match exactly … ask about our Perfecting Micro Brow Liner by Glo Skin Beauty that gives your brows the perfect shape every time.